Welcome to CR Longhorns

Welcome to CR Longhorn Ranch, where Alexandra Dees is striving to raise quality registered Texas Longhorns in the Northwest...Harper, Oregon to be exact! Please check out all of our cattle while you're here!

About CR Longhorns

We are a diversified family ranch where we are able to blend our passions with our business. We grow top quality alfalfa and grass hay for the horse and cattle industry throughout the West Coast.

We enjoy cattle of all varieties here at the ranch but we chose to focus on two very special Heritage breeds: the Texas Longhorn and the Miniature Zebu (brahma). The Texas Longhorn has been a part of American history since Columbus sailed into the New World with a few head of Iberian cattle in his ship. The Miniature Zebu is a native cow of Southeast Asia that is naturally smaller in stature to complement the needs of small farming villages with limited resources.

In addition to our registered cattle programs, we also are a major US breeder of the Lusitano Horse, the national horse of Portugal. These horses form the core of our working cow horse string here on the ranch.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our animals. We love visitors, so please give us a call if you are in Eastern Oregon and would like to drop by!

Alexandra Dees and Eric Youngberg
CR Ranches